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When you spend a significant part of your time indoors, such as at home or in an office, having access to clean and fresh air is crucial to your health. Maintain proper airflow on your property with help from Westchester Air Duct Cleaning Inc.

We are proud to be the most respected air duct cleaning company in Westchester County, NY, serving residential and commercial property owners. Our highly trained and experienced cleaning specialists will remove dirt and allergens, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander, that have accumulated in your air ducts. This process improves indoor air quality and reduces flare-ups in people suffering from allergies.

Let us help you maintain a healthy home or work environment where you can breathe easy. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Our Company Specializes In:

Air Duct

Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent

We Also Offer:

Sanitizing for

Attic and Basement


HVAC Inspection

We will visit your home or place of business and thoroughly inspect your ducts and heating/cooling system components, such as:

  • Cooling Coils
  • Fans
  • Heat Exchangers

Boost Efficiency

When your system is properly cleaned and maintained, it operates more efficiently and goes through less wear and tear. This results in a longer operating life as well as some energy and maintenance cost savings.

Important Safety Notice

You and your loved ones might be in danger in your home. Grandfathered-in in-wall plastic dryer vent lines are potential health and fire hazards that often lay undetected until it’s too late. Instead of plastic, get a safe metal dryer vent line customized to your home specifications. It is safer and more efficient at drying clothes.

Laundry Room

Dryer Vent Inspections

Call (914) 714-2133 for dryer vent inspections. Our technicians will check if your system needs cleaning or a safety upgrade. We reroute and replace old and frayed plastic lines with dependable metal lines tailored to your needs.

Lifetime Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a lifetime guarantee to ensure you’re happy with our services.

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