Before and After

From Filthy to Flawless

At Westchester Air Duct Cleaning Inc., we handle each cleaning project with care to ensure your air ducts are dirt-free and safe. See the work we’ve done for our clients.


Before Air Duct Cleaning

Have you cleaned your air ducts lately? Are you sure the air you breathe is clean?


After Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts should be free from all debris, pollen, mold-like substances, germs, and bacterium. We guarantee that our cleaning results will exceed your expectations.


Before Fan Blower Blades Cleaning

When your fan blower blades are congested, more stress is put on the motor, and there is less air circulation.


After Fan Blower Blades Cleaning

When your fan blower blades are clean, they will move air at a higher volume and satisfy your thermostat faster. This increased energy efficiency helps you save money.


Before Motor Cleaning

You need to ensure that there is no buildup of debris and mold-like substances on the motors.


After Motor Cleaning

By cleaning and maintaining your motors, you increase the life span of your heating/cooling systems.


Air Duct with Ceiling Joints Before Cleaning

Some air ducts are built with ceiling joists, which need to be cleaned.


Air Duct with Ceiling Joints After Cleaning

It looks as clean as new.


Rat in an Air Duct

Properly maintained air ducts can prevent contaminants from thriving indoors.


Working Staff

We will also look for possible entry points and make sure they are sealed.


Dusty Air Duct Before Cleaning

What are you breathing in?


Clean Air Duct After Cleaning

Nice and clean!

See More Photos of Our Services and Fine Work

Cleaned Commercial AC Units

Commercial units cleaned by WADC Inc. 02-13-2010 Brookfields

Insulation Inspection

Insulation inspection process.

Negative Air HEPA Vacuum

This is by Far the best 3 stage Negative Air HEPA Vacuum. NiKRO

Dirty Duct

Dirty Ducts. Can you imagine breathing this in?

Customized Door to Access Dryer Vent in Crawl Space

Customized door to access dryer vent in crawl space.

Customized Dryer Vent

Dryer vent line. In crawl space.

HVAV Unit Before Cleaning

HVAC unit maintenance ignored.

HVAV Unit After Cleaning

HVAC unit cleaned.

Dryer Vent Line in Attic

Dryer vent line in attic. All Metal line built by WADC Inc.

Dusting Ceiling Joist Dust

Dusting ceiling joist dust under negative air pressure.

Dust Removal

Dust removal under HEPA negative air pressure.

Insulation Department Crew

WADC Inc. insulation department crew.

Dryer Vent and Dust

This is a badly installed dryer vent!