Hazardous dryer vent line.
Protect your home and family.
We will replace your plastic venting with metal for a save dryer vent line.

We pride ourselves on our Clean Work Ethics.
Air Duct Cleaning Inc:

Foremost experts of cleaning excellence.

We also provide dryer vent cleaning, replacement and installation
to reduce the risk of fire
due to lint build up.

A/C coil cleaning & treatment.

A/C condenser cleaning to help keep your unit running cooler.

Attic & basement cleaning.

Sump pumps

Duct insulation

Ceiling joists insulation.

Electro static filters, sanitizing.

Maintenance programs available.

All work meets and exceeds protocalls of the national air duct cleaners association.

We are very thorough and we take great pride and care in our work.


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We are Fully Licensed, Certified and Insured.

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Dryer vent exit cut in crawl space attic

Shingles remove for dryer vent housing . Purchase NY

Dryer vent housing in place

Preperation prior to shingle installation

All done!

Dryer vent line in attic.
All Metal line built by WADC inc.

Dusting ceiling joist dust under negative air pressure.

Dust removal under HEPA negative air Pressure.

Wadc inc insulation department crew.

Mold in humidifier

A healthy clean!

Some people have a junk yard found inside their air ducts. You are breathing air pump through this.
Most people call for duct cleaning when they finally feel sick. Unfortunately there are some clients who have respiratory disease and dirty ducts may have had contributed to their health problem. Be ahead of the game and practice duct cleaning with a highly reputable and trusted company like westchester air duct cleaning inc. Call us ASAP for an appointment.