Commercial units cleaned
by WADC Inc.
02-13-2010 Brookfields

Insulation inspection process.

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We also provide dryer vent cleaning, replacement and installation to reduce the risk of fire
due to lint build up.

A/C coil cleaning & treatment.

A/C condenser cleaning to help keep your unit running cooler.

Attic & basement cleaning.

Sump pumps

Duct insulation

Ceiling joists insulation.

Electro static filters, sanitizing.

Maintenance programs available.

All work meets and exceeds protocalls of the national air duct cleaners association.

We are very thorough and we take great pride and care in our work.


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This is by Far the best 3 stage Negative Air HEPA Vacuum. NiKRO

Dirty Ducts.
Can you imagine breathing this in?

Customized door to access dryer vent in crawl space

Dryer vent line. In crawl space

Hvac unit maintenance ignored.

Hvac unit cleaned.

Dryer vent line in attic.
All Metal line built by WADC inc.

Dusting ceiling joist dust under negative air pressure.

Dust removal under HEPA negative air Pressure.

Wadc inc insulation department crew.

This is a badly installed dryer vent!


Look at the photo on the left of a badly installed dryer vent.

Incorrect dryer vent installations can lead to big future problems.

For example here this line is venting inside the Home's crawl space and this means lint all over.

Lint is dust mite food. Fine lint particles may find their way through small cracks and into the living space of the Home. Breathing fine lint particles will cause pulmonary disease.
When I fix these wrongly installed lines or damage ones I some times cough and get tightness in breathing if I forget to wear my mask.

Some other related problems is the water you see on the floor under the dryer line that comes from lack of venting. That is the steam condensation build up or moisture that gives a mildew odor or even worst like sewage aroma in the home or dryer machine itself then on your clothes.

The situation is always different or worst like a fire in the Home. When you first notice delays in drying that is your flag to get the dryer and dryer vent line inspected and serviced by a professional.